Avoid these 5 mistakes when you change careers


Most of the experts say that the average person can expect to change careers (not just jobs) 3 to 5 times in their working life. The reasons? Many people are burnt-out, underpaid, stressed out, bored, unsatisfied, or at a career dead end. For some, their careers have changed on them --thanks to corp

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Your personal brand should stand out in your resume


Your resume is a powerful self-marketing tool. It's your calling card — your first opportunity to impart a lasting impression of yourself. Hiring managers will typically extend only 10-15 seconds to glance at your resume and make a judgment call as to whether or not to read the entire document.

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Game plan for a successful career


Build a career planning tool box to achieve career success. We all have our favorite coaches, and if they coach our favorite athletic team, it's a plus. Tom Landry tried to measure the character of his players. Vince Lombardi expected and achieved excellence. Dean Smith brought out the best in hi

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10 job interview mistakes that you should avoid


If you've read one or several of the countless publications about job job interviews and how to avoid messing up the interview, you may have some good tips and suggestions. Most of that information may be just fine, however here are 10 common mistakes made in one fashion or the other. Consider th

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How To Explain Gaps In Your Resume


Gaps in your qualifications or experience raise alarm bells with prospective employers and require a convincing explanation in order to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate. You may have had to drop out of a course for person reasons like ill health, financial constraints or

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Printed resume done right


As professionals, we rely on the Internet to search for jobs and on e-mail to apply for them. We create our resumes and cover letters to fit the electronic format, so it is not a surprise that having to print out a resume can result in concerns and mistakes. First, let’s discuss when a printed

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Tips to find your dream job


Looking for the perfect job requires time and effort. You have to reach out to employers and recruitment agencies. You have to write your resume, post it online or mail them directly to companies. Consider the following points during your job hunting process: Know what you want What kind o

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